Jeremias Qualities


dry pasta produced of pure durum wheat semolina SSSE

and 6 eggs per kg
( 300 g per kg resp. 29%)


dry pasta produced of pure durum wheat semolina SSSE

and 2,5 eggs per kg
( 125 g per kg resp. 12,5%)


dry pasta produced of pure durum wheat semolina SSSE;

Green: spinach powder;
Red: tomato powder


dry pasta produced of pure durum wheat semolina

of controlled ecological cultivation

High-quality Pasta

Made in Germany

• Excellent firmness
Jeremias pasta stays firm when boiled, remains al dente and does not stick.

• Great durability
Jeremias pasta has a great durability without sticking and therefore can be cooked already several hours before the meal is served. It is no problem to rewarm or to regenerate the pasta by dunking it shortly into the boiling water or in the combi steam oven. Jeremias pasta retains its firmness and is also ideally suited for Cook & Chill.

• Flavour / Aroma
The flavour is full and aromatic. The aroma is fresh and appetizing.

• Golden yellow colour
Jeremias pasta is golden yellow – even the one without egg. When held up to the light it is translucent.

• Yield
Because of its premium-quality ingredients Jeremias pasta has an above-average swelling factor, which means, Jeremias pasta can absorb a lot of water and stays evenly firm. 100 g dried pasta results up to 300 g ready-cooked pasta.

• Clean water
The water in which the pasta is boiled stays clean with very little residue because Jeremias pasta loses hardly any of its starch and proteins when boiled.

• Consistent quality
With Jeremias pasta you can be sure that you will always receive the same high quality and therefore always the same boiling properties.

The typical Italian shapes such as penne, rigatoni, gnocchi, farfalle, etc. are available in the quality without egg. They are just right for a low-cholesterol diet, contain precious minerals and vitamins, are easy to digest and ideally suited as diet food for diabetics. The pasta is also ideal for a vegan nutrition.