Quality made in Germany

traditional, reliable, uncompromising

We are a medium-sized company based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. With an experience of nearly 50 years, we have specialized in the production of pasta specialities. Our high quality products are distributed to clients in the catering and hotel sector, restaurants, to industrial clients and to the retail grocery trade. In Germany we have also developed into a leading supplier of pasta specialities for the bulk consumer market and our products are area-wide distributed.

For our pasta specialities we are using only pure durum wheat from the best cultivation areas. Furthermore, our fresh egg noodles contain only fresh eggs according to quality class A. Our pasta is available in more than 50 different shapes and the quality only differs in the amount of eggs which are used.

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Only the best ingredients

Pure durum wheat from the best growing areas, fresh eggs according to quality class A and drinking water from a Black Forest spring together with a gentle production process combine to give pasta which stays firm when boiled, remaining simply al dente. What is more, the quality of the durum used is responsible for the golden yellow colour of the pasta.

Jeremias attaches great importance to a gentle production process which retains the nutritional goodness and combines the know-how of many years of tradition with the use of modern technology. Production is always carried out in accordance with the principle:
Quality before quantity

For this reason, the pasta is dried at gentle temperatures which help to bring out the typical pasta flavour in full. The great care taken by our long-standing and experienced members of staff in matters of production guarantees the consistent quality of our pasta specialities.

Change and variety on your plate

Jeremias pasta is available in over 50 different shapes. This means that there is virtually no limit to the possible culinary combinations. Lovers of pasta will find in addition to the usual shapes a wide variety of specialities such as original ribbon noodles, traditional Swabian Spaetzle, scraped Spaetzle and orzo.

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