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The Company<br/>

The Company

- Teigwarenfabrik Jeremias GmbH -

We know how to produce pasta with passion and excellent quality. Jermias produces the fine Jeremias noodle specialities.

Our noodle quality

Unsere Nudelqualität

- Quality characteristics of top quality pasta -

The Jeremiah Noodle is suitable for all regeneration processes in canteen kitchens and restaurants.

Our noodle variety

Our noodle variety

- So there are no limits to the imagination in the kitchen -

Jeremias Noodles are available in almost 50 different shapes. The pasta lover will find a variety of specialties such as original rolled ribbon noodles, spinach and tomato noodles in addition to the common shapes, 



- The right thing for everyone -

The right size for everyone - We offer our fine pasta specialities for our customers from bulk consumers to food retailers in various packaging units.