Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to produce a high quality top product.

"Quality you can taste"

Pure durum wheat semolina from the best growing areas, fresh eggs according to quality class A and the great Birkenfeld drinking water from a Black Forest spring, together with the gentle production process, result in cook-proof noodles that simply stay firm to the bite.

State-of-the-art hygienic production methods and our qualified employees' constant committed support for our products during the entire production process guarantee an unsurpassed top product.

Brand quality made in Baden-Württemberg

With this trademark we stand for:

  • Food from companies in Baden-Württemberg

  • Products typical of the region

  • Preservation and promotion of jobs and training places in Baden-Württemberg

  • Quality products, some of whose raw materials come from outside Baden Württemberg

  • Food produced to high standards

  • Maintaining the diversity of food production in small and medium-sized enterprises

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You can learn more about this topic under Sustainability.