Family 250g
Family 250g new in the range
The product group 'Family, packed in 500 g bag

The product group 'Family, packed in 500 g bag

produced with 2 ½ fresh eggs per kg - has become the strongest brand of Jeremiah over the years. The good market penetration can be explained by the large variety of pasta in this product group.

Over 3 0 different shapes are offered "... for daily enjoyment".

 In order to do justice to the constantly growing number of single households in Germany, the Family Noodles will also be available in 250 g bags from January 2014.

The packaging design corresponds to that of the 500 g bags to communicate the same quality.

The following shapes are offered

  -       Schwäbische Spätzle g.g.A.

  -       Bandnudeln 8 mm gepresst

  -       Bandnudeln 4 mm gepresst

  -       Suppennudeln 2 mm

  -       Fadennudeln

  -       Wellenband

The "Family 250 g" is a high-quality article for the retail trade which can also be used as an "introductory or trial pack" in addition to normal shelf placement. For an attractive secondary placement Jeremias also offers a ¼ Pal. Display, which consists of all six varieties. The new "Family 250 g" will be available from January 2014.

Swabian spaetzle PGI
from Jeremias